Hey friends, Cheers for a good start in this Blog… the goal that was waiting on my bucket list for quite some time.

Well, Although I have a bunch of ideas for my Blog posts mapped out earlier, I was thinking about this blog post’s topic for some good minutes. There are a lot of things that I want to talk about, but what should I start with?! 

I really truly want this blog to be a place where I can share my own perspectives about various things, that can add up to you as a reader.

As the initial purpose for any personal resume website would be presenting your specialization showcase, so I decided to go down into the nitty-gritty of what is inherently my specialization. What I mean is that maybe I imply a list of qualifications in my resume, but I believe that “nobody cares how much you know Until they know how much you care”.

Thereby I found it useful to talk about How inherently I am a Business Data analyst in all aspects of my life, and how this role suits me down into the ground… because sharing these points might help you adopt a different viewpoint about being a data analyst and become more passionate about it, the way it deserves…

In retrospect, I should mention that a Master’s degree in Electrical engineering, another master’s degree in IT management, and my DBA in Business Intelligence are just a portion of my academic knowledge but who doesn’t know that degree without skill is useless! So it’d be better to talk about my Specialization. I have a specialized background in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Digital Marketing. you can call me a “Market intelligence Analyst” altogether. I’ve learned a lot from inside and outside of the university. in the workplace, from online courses, social interactions with people… 

And Let me tell you that “I Love my field of expertise”. I really truly love my profession!

after years of Dashboarding, Data Visualization, and Analyzing for data-driven decision-making processes, I found that I am falling in love with my career day by day…

what I mean is that maybe the reason behind this passion in my profession comes from the fact that I’m a data analyst from the deep inside me. I’m collecting data back and forth about everything in my life in order to make it better day in and day out.

I’m all about becoming my best version and so I’m almost always collecting data, tracking and monitoring any behavior, routine, system, or any life-related kind of data to understand and predict what should I do the next day to be a bit better than yesterday. 

Just like a Business Data Analyst who is in charge of assessing historical data that helps to optimize business operations by identifying the existing problems, leading to optimum utilization of resources and efficiency in the system, saving up a considerable chunk of expenditure for the organization and etc.

I strongly believe that Time is my only asset in life, so I try my best to use it strategically and wisely in alignment with my goals. So I have plans in place…

System Thinking and Planning are really my way of pouring into every moment of life. I can’t live without planning and goal setting. I mean, yeah… I can not… Just this act of planning and, goal setting gives me a sense of relief and confidence for realizing a better future. besides that, the artistic part of me always wants to hand out the brush and literally visualize every data, from our finances to habit tracking data, to my behavior to even my child’s developments,… a lot of things. and I know it’s the “Data Visualization” part of me that intersects with “the artistic” part of me… LOL

and therefore I create interesting dashboards for my life every once in a while so that I can lead to optimum utilization of my time and efficiency to achieve my goals. especially now that I am a working-from-home Mom and an entrepreneur at the same time.

And this is how I live my profession as I said earlier. Maybe you can say that yeah, this is so common among other people too, and I would definitely tell you that they are also data analysts naturally and they might have never known about it or even heard about it. and that’s why I feel the luckiest because of having the opportunity to find this fantastic path of Business Data Analysis…

My job isn’t just a job… It’s who I am…

Wish you all the success in your endeavors.

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